Goldman Sachs Europe adds Systematic Internaliser asset classes for MIC “GSEI”

  • Entity Name: Goldman Sachs Bank Europe SE

Service Names per previous ESMA update26/02/2019

  • BOND (Bonds)
  • DERV (Derivative)
  • EMAL (Emission Allowances)
  • ETCS (ETCs)
  • ETNS (ETNs)
  • SDRV (Securitised derivatives)
  • SFPS (Structured Finance Products)

Additional Service Names covered from 18/11/2020 per ESMA update 20/11/2020

  • CRFT (certificates)
  • DPRS (depositary receipts)
  • ETFS (ETFs)
  • OTHR (other equity-like financial instruments)
  • SHRS (shares)
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Landesbank Baden-Württemberg drops SFPs from list of MiFIR Systematic Internaliser Asset classes

As per ESMA update20/11/2020

    LEI: B81CK4ESI35472RHJ606
  • Entity Name: Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

Only the following Asset Classes require the Systematic Internaliser Venue MIC value of “LBWS”: 

  • BOND (Bonds) – since 01/09/2018
  • DERV (Derivative) – since 01/09/2018

SFPS (Structured Finance Products ) – were only included for MiFIR Systematic Internaliser reporting purposes for the period from 25/09/2020 to 19/11/2020

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ESMA review – Derogation criteria for data reporting service providers

Following a review, authorisation and supervision of data reporting services providers (DRSP) will move from competent authorities to ESMA. The revised regulation envisages that certain ARMs and APAs may be exempted from direct EU supervision due to their limited relevance for the internal market.

ESMA consultation for publication Q1 2021:

  • how to determine if the APA or ARM services are provided to investment firms authorised in one Member State;
  • how to calculate the number of trade reports or transactions;
  • how to determine whether the ARM or APA is part of a group of financial market participants operating cross-border; as well as other aspects relevant for the determination whether the ARM or APA has a limited relevance for the internal market.

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SKB banka – Slovenia – now a MiFIR Systematic Internaliser for Derivatives

Latest ESMA update: 18/11/2020 

  • LEI: 549300H7CCQ6BSQBGG72
  • Entity name: SKB banka, d.d.
  • Service name: DERV (Derivative)
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CIB Bank renders MiFIR SI MIC value “CIBH“ inactive from Dec 2020

  • Last ESMA update18/11/2020
  • MIC: CIBH 
    LEI: 549300MSY5NIVC0BME80
  • Entity Name: CIB Bank Zrt.
  • Service Name: DERV (Derivative)

An authorisation withdrawal date of 14/12/2020 has been set

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