JPMorgan to move USD230 Billion of assets to Germany due to Brexit – Bloomberg

With less than four months to go until the Brexit transition period expires, international banks have been beefing up operations in the European Union to make sure they can service clients given the prospect that U.K.-based firms, including JPMorgan’s London operations, won’t retain passporting rights in a trade deal.

Given that increasingly likely prospect, the bank last week told about 200 London staff to move to continental European cities including Paris, Frankfurt, Milan and Madrid, Bloomberg News has reported

While JPMorgan has made the biggest shift to Frankfurt, other banks have chosen to bulk up in Germany’s financial hub, including Citigroup Inc., UBS Group AG and Standard Chartered Plc.

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OTP Bank – Croatia – becomes MiFIR Systematic Internaliser for Derivatives

Last ESMA update22/09/2020

LEI: 529900W3MOO00A18X956

Entity Name: OTP banka d.d.

  • Service Name: DERV (Derivatives)
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Erste Group Bank adds Securitised derivatives to MiFIR Systematic Internaliser MIC

  • Last ESMA update22/09/2020
  • LEI: PQOH26KWDF7CG10L6792
  • Entity name: Erste Group Bank AG
  • Service Names: 
    • BOND (Bonds) – from 12/01/2018
    • SDRV (Securitised derivatives) – from 22/09/2020

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Wells Fargo Securities International adds Derivatives to list of asset types with MIC “WSIL”

Last update22/09/2020


Entity Name: Wells Fargo Securities International Limited SI

Service Names:

  • BOND (Bonds) – since 08/10/2018
  • DERV (Derivative) – since 22/09/2020
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BANCO DE SABADELL, Spain reveals Systematic Internaliser MIC for Derivatives

·      Last ESMA update: 21/09/2020

  • Entity Name: BANCO DE SABADELL, S.A.
    Service Name: DERV (Derivative)
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